A Huntress in Heels

Along the last months of hard work, we have learned a lot and made thousands of good friends. We have been building the greatest family ever with the greatest people. Here at Onca, everyone is invited to share words of wisdom and experience on our blog.
Our today's guest is Rhonda West, also a candidate for Extreme Huntress 2017. Check this out!

Rhonda hunting at stand with Onca Gear

A Huntress in Heels

That seems like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it? It might. But, that’s who I am.
I love what I do for a living. An accountant, living in Dallas, I’ve spent the past 25+ years in boardrooms and ballrooms, living in three different major metropolitan areas across the US, and have spent more days and nights than I care to remember squinting over spreadsheets in search of the answer to the question “where did that $50,000.00 go?” That's pretty much Monday - Friday for me.
So by now, I suppose you are asking yourself, how can this "city girl" think she is also a hardcore huntress? Much less compete for the Extreme Huntress title this year?
Well, let me tell you about the other side of my life.
I was born in rural Mississippi and lived in a small town in Arkansas through my early teen years. It wasn’t until my middle teens when my family moved to a large city that I even began to understand or realize what urban living was all about. I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad, and still cherish the occasional opportunity I get to do that with him today. My childhood is what made me appreciate and value the outdoors, helped me learn to love nature, and shaped the woman I have become as an adult.
Unlike others who have made the decision to live life one way or the other, to pursue their careers and give up outdoor dreams, or to chase their dreams and give up their careers, I decided I WANT BOTH.
I believe it is possible to have a passion for the outdoors and also be feminine at the same time and to have both a love for the city while still retaining country values; These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
I consider myself a predator in both the office and in the field, I take on multi-million dollar negotiations on a Friday afternoon, and then take on the pursuit of whitetail or pheasants on Saturday mornings.
Christian Dior once described heels as a woman’s “painful pleasure”. I tend to agree with him. Uncomfortable and difficult, and yet they make you feel "better" at the same time.
Isn't hunting a lot like this?
Getting up hours before daybreak, hiking across miles of rough terrain or sitting in a tree stand for days on end in freezing or wet weather. I think that’s the epitome of a "painful pleasure", and is something that makes me feel "better" every time I do it.
Whether it’s tracking elk or mule deer in Colorado or walking the fields of South Dakota in the pursuit of upland birds, hunting is what makes me feel most alive.

- Rhonda

If you believe she is the next Extreme Huntress, please vote before may 31-2017 here
Yo can also visit her website at http://huntressinheels.com/

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