Jacqueline Backlund - Nevada

Jackie Just sends me an email with this fantastic photos from Nevada wearing our OncaElastic pants. Thank you!

- Awesome thank you! Here is a picture with my deer from Nevada just this past October! I was wearing your pants and I love them!!

I'm from Northern Nevada! I have mostly hunted the high desert of Nevada! Everything from warm August Antelope hunts to late season cold weather Mule deer and elk hunts! I have both the Oncashell and OncaElastic pants and they are perfect for any weather condition! The women's pants fit great they have a great cut for women.  I'm so happy that I've found pants that are super comfortable and durable! The women's gloves are also great for many different hunting conditions! 

Jackie Junting in nevada

Jackeline Backlund hunting in Nevada



  • Onca Gear

    Hey Matt, We are doing our best to bring our women’s gear which is awesome, but at the moment we don’t have any official date.

  • Matt Long

    Does this mean you’re going to sell women’s gear again? We waited all year to purchase gear at the Reno sheep show. We were disappointed to hear you were thinking of canceling the woman’s line. Thank you.

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