How Onca Began...

In December, 2011, we decided to undertake the challenge of creating a company to develop camouflage hunting clothes with the idea of offering an innovative product with the highest quality materials to compete worldwide with the big brands.

After analyzing the market, competitors, and their products, we decided to go ahead with the project. We started working to define the brand--no easy task--to find a name that resonates with the outdoors and with the properties of our products. After a LOT of research into animal names that conjure up many of the qualities we thought our camouflage hunting clothes should have, we ended up choosing ONCA (from Panthera onca, the scientific name for the Jaguar, the largest feline in the Americas). The jaguar has one of the best natural abilities to camouflage itself in almost any environment, adapts easily to most terrain, moves silently through its surroundings. With this solid brand name, we got to work on the logo design and created many sketches until we found "the one."

The idea was to create a camouflage that breaks up the human shape which worked very well in the mountains but also in other terrains like the forest, prairie, marsh, and more…

Onca gear rain

Having decided on the name and logo, we started patent and brand name registration. Simultaneously, we studied the design and development of our camouflage pattern, which wasn't the easiest task, since the idea was to create a camouflage that breaks up the human shape, worked well in the mountains but also in other terrains like the forest, prairie, marsh, and more. For this reason, we developed and tested many camo pattern, until we chose the multifunctional design you already know and love.

Working with the fabrics used in our first collection, we wanted to innovate and improve. For that we needed to develop our own fabrics with a balance in the composition of the fibers and maximum performance in each garment. This took time and many testing in certified laboratories for testing textiles. We needed to guarantee our fibers and tissues were subjected to tests to pass our entire requirements. With the composition of each fabric decided, it was time to design patterns for our first collection using our extensive experience in design and the manufacture of technical clothing for big brands focusing on extreme expeditions to places like Antarctica, the Himalayas, the Amazon, etc. This would add to the hunting experience of several partners on several continents so we could offer comfortable and functional clothing to be worn in the most demanding situations. This took many hours of development in the design of the clothes, countless prototypes, until we arrived at the final design.

Now we were ready to manufacture and start selling. But that’s another story to tell.

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