Pants - OncaRain DP Pants - Onca Gear
 Pants - OncaRain DP Pants - Onca Gear
 Pants - OncaRain DP Pants - Onca Gear
 Pants - OncaRain DP Pants - Onca Gear
 Pants - OncaRain DP Pants - Onca Gear
 Pants - OncaRain DP Pants - Onca Gear

OncaRain DP Pants

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The OncaRain DP Pants are made by combining our proprietary OncaRain fabric, designed for heavy rain conditions, with our exclusive Dual Protect membrane, a highly breathable inner layer. The result is a highly waterproof and breathable garment for high activity, even under heavy rain conditions. OncaRain DP Pants are designed to be worn as a first layer.

  • 18 oz.
  • 20 m. water-resistance
  • < 2 breathability RET
  • OncaRain outer camo layer
  • Ideal for high activity in heavy rain
  • High Wind Resistance due to the DP membrane
  • 100% Water resistant
  • High snag high resistance
  • Designed for Mobility
  • Regular fit
OncaRain Dual Protect is a combination of four different layers developed exclusively by Onca, and used for OncaRain Dual Protect Jackets and Pants. Currently, Onca is the only manufacturer in the market with such a technology. This collection has been designed for use under heavy rain conditions when high activity levels may be required.
OncaRain Dual Protect is an extension of the OncaRain 3 Layer collection, which itself is composed of 3 layers (an outer fabric, a waterproof membrane, and an inner protection mesh). The Onca Dual Protect fabric adds a membrane that allows the garment to breathe. This transforms high-end rain gear into the perfect gear for active use.


The outer fabric has been developed to be silent, yet highly water and wind proof. Additionally it is extremely resistant to snags or tears by branches and thorns, thus preventing issues that plague similar clothing by other companies.


The OncaRain inside waterproof membrane is the result of multiple laboratory tests to achieve a high water-resistance, ensuring that the wearer can endure long periods of heavy rain without getting wet..


The Protection Mesh allows the waterproof membrane to resist abrasion from gear worn under the OncaRain Jacket and Pants, while also helping the seams maintain their waterproof ability under severe conditions.


The OncaRain Dual Protect inner membrane allows the rain gear to breathe, in order to eliminate moisture inside. This will allow perspiration and condensation to escape, allowing you to remain dry during high activity, even in wet conditions.