OncaElastic is a fabric developed by Onca used for OncaElastic Pants, Jacket and Cap. It is designed for active hiking in any season.

When we consider ONCA fabric development ONCAELASTIC, the requirements that our development team scored were:

    • Great comfort of use
    • 4-way elasticity for maximum confort 
    • High breathability
    • High temperature range of use
    • Water repellent
    • High performance and durability
    • Tear resistance and fouling
    • The fabric should be quiet
    • Lightness
    • Anti-odor

    After months of development and numerous prototypes, we came up with the best balance of all the properties described in one fabric. The resulting product is a compound of polyester fibers with charcoal particles elastomer combined with fabric.

    With this resulting fabric, we should be able to design and manufacture high-end technical hiking gear with high performance and also with our camo IBEX. The strength and elasticity of this fabric give these 2 components:

    1.- The polyester is the basis of fabric that is recognized as a synthetic fiber with high resistance to all kinds of factors and on the other hand the percentage of elastomer provides high elasticity which increases the strength thereof. This fabric is considered 4-ways as it is elastic in all directions, making it extremely comfortable. With these two materials combined, thorns and branches slide over the surface avoiding to snagging and thus increasing the life of our clothes.


    Insertions of carbon in polyester fibers largely contribute to this fabrics breathability, and together with the brushing of the inner fabric provides quick absorption and moisture transfer to the outside so we feel dry. These fibers reduce potential odors that are a result of perspiration to provide active carbons.


    We have developed a powerful water-resistant fabric with the objective that the water slides off the fabric as much as possible so it does not feel wet. We have achieved varying the surface of the wet fabric and thus the water drop barely touches the tissue, which facilitates the evacuation of water droplets without leaving wet marks. This treatment is very important as it will allow us to be comfortable in situations of rain, snow, etc. without feeling wet, but we must remember that it is not a waterproof.


    Is one of the strengths of this fabric as it is light and very elastic allowing complete freedom of movement, and the internal brushing is very comfortable to wear and increases breathability.

    All the garments using this fabric are extremely versatile and can be used for most of the year since they will be very comfortable, durable, water-repellent and silent. We could say that these clothes will be valid for spring, summer, autumn and even in some winter conditions but always we take a base layer according to low temperatures.