OncaFresh fabric developed by Onca is used in our OncaFresh Shirt and T-Shirt for the spring and summer months. The composition of the fabric is quick dry polyester fibers with a silver ion treatment.


The high wicking properties are thanks to the quick-dry polyester yarn and structuring the fabric with micro channels to allow the quick dispersal of sweat when it makes contact with the fabric and has a fast drying time.


Thanks to the elasticity, lightness, and high capillarity it allows us to feel cool and dry. We developed the fabric for the warmer temperatures, so preventing bacterial growth and odor is very important and to do this we used a silver ion treatment.


We found a good balance between lightness and strength. Since the main objective of the development of the OncaFresh fabric was for use in a warm environment, we didn’t forget to make it strong against snags and tears as well.

The goal when developing this fabric was to make a shirt that was cool with a great absorption of sweat and quick dry capability. We also wanted it to have a high stretch capability, be tear resistant and scent control protection.


The fabric has small holes that allow air to circulate between the fabric and your skin, giving it a cooling effect.

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