OncaRain 3 Layer

OncaRain 3 Layer is a combination of three different layers developed by Onca used for OncaRain 3 Layer Jackets, Pants and Leg Gaiters. It is designed for to be used under heavy rain conditions.

OncaRain 3 Layer is a combination composed of an outer fabric, a waterproof membrane and an inner protection mesh that ensures the durability of the water resistance properties.


The outer fabric has been developed to be silent, highly resistant to snags and tears making the branches and thorns slip off when we walk in the mountains, avoiding rips and solving one of the biggest problems of this type of clothing. It is an effective windbreaker and has an incredible water-repellent treatment that provides some resistance to water.


The OncaRain waterproof membrane inside is the result of multiple laboratory tests to achieve high water-resistance efficiency, ensuring that can endure long periods of heavy rain without getting wet.


The Protection Mesh allows the waterproof membrane to resist the friction of the gear that we carry under the OncaRain Jacket and Pants. It also helps the seams to be much more resistant so that the maintain the waterproof resistance under severe conditions.


The OncaRain 3 Layer garments have been designed to be carried inside your backpack when long hikes are required.