OncaTherm fabric was developed by Onca, to be used as a base layer. We have used the material for our OncaTherm Shirt, Nech Gaiter, Head Beanie and Gloves. The fabric is composed of polyester, elastomer and carbon fiber.


The main property of this fabric is maintaining body temperature. For this, we have used polyester fibers combined with carbon fibers and an elastomer to stay close to the body to avoid loss of body heat.


Very comfortable material thanks to its elasticity, lightness, inner finish and scent lock function. The carbon fibers and silver ion treatment allows us to use the gear on trips where packing light is important.


The fibers of the inner part of the fabric are a combination of quick dry polyester fibers and carbon fibers. This provides the OncaTherm fabric a perfect balance of warmth, breathability, and moisture wicking.

The goal for developing the OncaTherm fabric is to keep your body temperature regulated and have a high breathability with sweat-wicking to keep us dry while hiking.


Compared to other base layer fabrics in the market our OncaTherm has a higher resistance to snags and tears. This is achieved by the dense structure of the outer fabric and the high elasticity.