OncaWarm is a combination of three different layers developed by Onca Gearused for Oncawarm Ibex Jackets, Vests and Pants. It is designed for to be used in static situations.
OncaWarm is a sandwich composed of an outer fabric, a thermal fiberfill and an inner membrane that ensures the thermal comfort at low temperatures.


The outer Softshell fabric has been developed to be silent, highly resistant to snags and tears making the branches and thorns slip off when we walk in the mountains, avoiding rips and solving one of the biggest problems of this type of clothing. It is an effective windbreaker without losing its high transpiration, and has a water-repellent treatment that provides some resistance to water but we must remember that it is not waterproof.


The OncaTermic thermal padding inside is the result of multiple developments and laboratory tests to achieve high thermal efficiency, ensuring that in static situations  the user can endure long periods of time at low temperatures without thermal comfort. These fibers also have an insertion of charcoal particles which gives Scent lock properties.

OncaWarm thermal line is designed to provide thermal comfort necessary in static situations.


Finally, the Onca Dual Protect absorbent inner lining laminate acts as a second barrier of windproofing, ensures breathability and avoids the uncomfortable feeling of moisture inside of the garment as it will enable the condensate (moisture) generated inside due to exercise or weather conditions, does not stay inside the garment and thus will always remain dry.


As well, the products in our ONCAWARM line can significantly compress to take up minimal space in our backpacks.